Recreational Equipment Checkout

This project consists of 4,000 square foot pre-engineered steel frame with exterior metal panels and external roof panels with vapor barrier. It included a covered shed area attached to the building. The interior is extensively open with exposed structure in most areas and drywall partitions / acoustical ceiling in the administration areas.

Battalion Headquarters at Harmony Church

This project consisted of site work and construction of battalion headquarters building at Fort Benning in Harmony Church area. Structure was a pre-engineered 28,000 square feet building. The exterior was metal panels and metal roof, office area and a pre-engineered 4,000 square foot canopy attached to the main building.

Troop Medical Clinic #1 Renovation - Building 2822

This 4,000 square foot clinic required a major interior renovation and temporary transitional buildings for the occupants during the renovation. After the lead / asbestos abatement was completed, all interior, non-structural elements were demolished. All finishes, walls and ceiling were replaced to give the patients and office staff a better environment. All windows and roofing were replaced along with plaster touch ups on the building's exterior.

Ft. Benning Vet Clinic

The project consisted of complete renovation to existing veterinary clinic and adjacent building 266 which was used as a transitional space during construction. The scope of the project consisted of replacement of existing electrical HVAC and water heaters. A resinous floor was installed and some walls relocated and added.

Ft. Benning Auction Warehouse

The project consisted of site work and construction of warehouse for auctions at Fort Benning. Structure was a pre-engineered 8,100 square foot warehouse building with office area and a pre-engineered 4,000 square foot covered canopy attached to the main building.

Theater Renovation Building 72

The project consisted of a renovation of the historic theater including new seating, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, electrical, fire alarm, fire sprinkler retrofit and interior finishes.

Consolidated Troop Medical Facility

The project consisted of an 8,400 square foot addition with renovation to an existing 25,000 square foot interior area. The new construction includs exam rooms, optometry area, behavior area and waiting area.

Ft. Benning Golf Pavillon

The project consisted of construction of a metal pre-finished covered shelter approximately 40' x 80'. The project included site work, electrical, stamped concrete and lightning protection.

Range Control Dry Facility Storage

The project consisted of construction of a 10,000 square foot, pre-engineered warehouse including secured storage areas and an office suite.